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Tilting Disc Check Valve

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Tilting Disc Check Valve

The Tilting Disc Check Valve is an excellent choice for raw water, cooling water and treated water/wastewater applications. Its streamlined body contouring, flow area 40% greater than nominal pipe size and hydrodynamic disc combine to provide the lowest headloss of any check valve produced today
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Lowest head loss check valve available chart
Energy efficient - cost savings table
Available in Sizes 4" - 60"

ANSI Classes 150LB ,300LB ,600LB ,900LB ,1500LB

Body Materials: Cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel or 316 stainless stee

High Performance Capabilities
Interior epoxy coating standard
Independently certified flow and cycle tests
Flow area equal to 140% of nominal pipe size
Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system


40° Short Disc Stroke - provides quick closing and reduces water hammer Lift & Tilt Seat Action - prevents wear
Hydrofoil disc design provides disc stabilization
Disc Position Indicator - for indication and SCADA compatible switches indicated open and closed
Inspection Ports - allow upstream/downstream seat access, mounting ports for dashpots
Bottom Mounted Oil Dashpot - prevents slammingTop Mounted Oil Dashpot - prevents slam and surges
Quick disconnect coupling for ease of dashpot removal
Drop tight seating - meets AWWA C508
Lift & Tilt Disc Action, Disc Stabilization and Material Selection - combine to provide long valve life
Dual by-pass - for backwashing screens and draining

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